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Sat/Sun 29/30th June &  6/7th July

11-6pm all 4 days

Please bring your friends!  No entry fee.

No booking required.. just walk over the footbridge!


Eel Pie Map by Cathy Horton 2009.jpg

Map of Eel Pie Island by Cathy Horton.    Permission to use image from Michele Whitby

Eel Pie Island is situated in the tidal Thames in west London, and is home to a variety of artists' studios along with working boatyards and private dwellings. Here you can find out about those of us who work here by visiting the 'artists page' to view an image of each artist's current works and links to each one's website or email. Although the island is private and visitors are not allowed, twice a year, usually in early July and early December, thanks to the graciousness of the private residents who live on the island, we open up our studios to the public, so that you can view inside a working studio and browse, purchase or commission unique works of art! 

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